Tuesday, December 27, 2005

My drawing table

Since before the time of Rockwell the camera has been a tentative partner and tool to the illustrator. This Christmas my wife and I bought a digital camera. Not that we have never had a camera before, but film was to involved for us. Ho the digital camera! Shoot it, love it, keep it. Shoot it, hate it, delete it! This is my drawing table top, uncovered and set up for inking. I write most of what I need to do on half size yellow pads, yes I love the Rotring sketch pens and Ticonderoga pencils.
The blue line drawing in the right is a copy of what I was inking. I currently listen to my iPod while drawing since my radio done gone busted.
The batarang is from the Limited Edition Batman Action figure that stands next to it’s Superman counterpart and a Green Lantern action Figure (Hal Jordan) and a Bob’s Big Boy.
This is just a rough description of the area used for conventional art that I call the cockpit.

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Anonymous said...

Remove the iPod and it could be 25 years ago. A lifelong passion is a very rare thing...of course I'm referring to action figure collecting.

I spend a great deal of my time in technology and wondered when I'd finally see some on-line illustration and commentary from you.

I noticed a web reference to a show you did over a year ago called "The Illustration Process", if you ever do a show again, give some notice on your blog.

I'd love to catch up, I just can't bring myself to go to Tacoma.