Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Work product

There is no real overarching theme to this post other than the question I get at times, "What have you been working on?" A lot of things. I used to worry that everything I did needed to have a distinct style. This has always been at odds with my love of illustration and all it's styles and opportunities and that I love to tailor each illustration to reflect a certain style, motif or vernacular. Hell, it can be fun just to switch tools! So, I stopped thinking in that limited way and it is very freeing.Others may still see my/a "style" in all this. If so that's fine. Two of my favorite artist's are Al Parker and Bernie Kriegstein, both know for a mean style switch up. So, hey that's fine company by me!

This is a page from a 30 page comic. All the art was done in Painter 9 at my record pace of 3 pages per day.
A web icon with active and inactive states.

Cartoony illustratioons for Washington State D.O.T. All vector.

This is a game card illustration. Straight up ink on Bristol board.


Kelly B. said...
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Kelly B. said...

Hey Stan,
I am glad I hopped over to your blog! I love seeing your process and projects.