Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Live fast, draw hard.

I have yet to build a website, but one thing I wanted was some kind of forum, or format, that would allow me to talk about what I do (illustrate, yeah, I'm an illustrator). Several art directors have loved the stories about the illustrations in my portfolio. Others think I'm a walking Illustration encyclopedia, and I'd like to have an place for my students to read my lectures/thoughts/rants about illustration, instead of sitting/sleeping through them. Also, it might be fun, and a way to charge up my creative batteries.

In any event, welcome.
Stan Shaw

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SeoulBrother said...

It's about friggin' time. Good to see that you're off to a good start. I do like reading about your process. I just expect lines, shadows and space to magically arrange themselves on paper. I'll try this "thumbnailing" you speak of.