Friday, March 30, 2007

Mavis Staples: The Gospel Finish

Here it is, the finished Mavis Staples Illustration. I had some problems wit the values, I'm a bit rusty with the airbrush. So by way of practice, I will be doing the Gene Autry illo with airbrush. I think this is close to the feel I wanted, the power seeming to both come from and to the figure. The faint glow around the figure ads a touch of the Divine in an old poster sort of way. The glow, colors and texture, I hope, have somewhat of an old Southern feel. Not too old I think but, I hope it takes you back to the 60s, and the A men corner.


shliknik said...

Just got my copy of No Depression in the mail yesterday and saw the illustration. Great the air brush effect.

I usually just use a tooth brush to get similiar effects.

Stan Shaw said...

Shliknik, thanks. After all the years spent using the airbrush it's surprising to me bothe what I can and can't do. When you get in a zone and know your tool you can get it to do all sorts of things. The way I do the splatter effect works great but has the potential to ruin the art! Hah, but I like (?) living on the edge…I'm a freelancer!!

Stan Shaw said...

I obviously don't KNOW the keyboard.