Sunday, March 15, 2009

Octavia Butler

This illustration of author Octavia Butler was done for Black Issues Book Review a while back. I'm posting this and sending out positive vibes in hope that it results in something…really good.


Edward said...

hi Stanley
i saw your work in "how to grow as an illustrator" book and thought i would check out your website. You have some great work here. Will you be doing a post about your creative process from start to finish? would love to see something like that.

Stan Shaw said...

As it happens I'm doing a cover and interior illustration right now that I may post. I'm putting effort into making the roughs as clean as possible so it might be worth showing the whole piece from start to finish. Hope you liked the book!

Edward said...

hi Stan
i love the book. its very inspiring.
looking forward to the post and seeing more of your work. loved the cool world covers you did. have you seen the recent bakshi book about his career?