Thursday, February 01, 2007

Three months at McSoft Part Zero

Sorry to say that I have been informed that since the work I did at McSoft has not yet gone "live" I can't post any of it. After some review I may post the written portion again.

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Chuck said...

Wow! Original art on the Wacom -- I doubt I'd ever have the nerve.

I love my tablet, but boy... do I hate my tablet!

After fifteen years, I finally had an epiphany: Chuck m'boy, I says to myself, you're never going to have the control on a Wacom you have on paper. In fact, if it weren't for the "undo" command, I would've tossed it out the window long ago.

I blame the frictionlessness of it all: it's like drawing with a melting icicle on a sheet of Teflon. Sometimes, if I'm working on a drawing that demands a lot of control, I actually have to tape a sheet of paper over the damned thing...

But then I think back to the days of Rapidograph pens, Speedball nibs and Wite-Out and I'm in love again...